•  Covered large play area
  •  Music room
  •  Art Room
  •  Well-equipped and child friendly Library in an ambience to create interest in reading

The children are encouraged in the “play way method”. With various hands-on activities to explore and discover things. These activities develop the observation skills, teamwork and creativity in the child.

The school maintains a good teacher to student ratio to enhance personalized attention and hands on learning. The presence of support staff in every class ensures timely help with hygiene and other requirements.

The designated play area for the primary school children provides ample space and facility to keep the children healthy and fit. Children also learn to interact and bond with peer groups during play time. The curriculum includes Music, Art, Games etc.

The students in class 1 are provided with tabs to introduce them to the world of technology and computers.

No HW is given to the children of this age group. This gives them the time and space to spend quality time with their family and delve into the world beyond academics.


  •  Library
  •  Music room
  •  Art Room
  •  E-Math Lab
  •  General Science Room
  •  Open Play Ground

These Classes follow ICSE curriculum

The subjects include English, Math, Science, II language (Tamil, Hindi), General Knowledge, History, Geography and Value-Education. It includes Music, Library, Sports and Arts as part of their regular schedule.

The students in class 2 are provided with tabs to introduce them to the world of technology and computers. From Class 3 onwards, the students have access to the desktops in the state-of-the-art Computer Science laboratory.

In the library, apart from reading, the pupils are involved in other follow-up activities like read aloud, book talk, story time puppet, book buffet, news and views, a special day to celebrate books, voting for favourite character or author and presenting a book review.

The Math lab equipped with software and learning kits supports class room teaching. Children engage in hands on learning activities that reinforce core concepts in the subject.

The students are periodically graded through continuous and comprehensive classroom assessments and tests.

As the thrust is on the holistic development of children, emphasis is given to social and behavioral aspects. Children are also exposed to various activities which enable them to identify and explore their individual talents and interests.

The students are also provided with the opportunity to participate in inter house competitions like recitation, music, dance, art & craft. These periodic events provide children the platform to explore and showcase their talents.

Middle School comprises of classes 6 to 8 and follows the ICSE curriculum.

The subjects covered at this level are English, II Language (French/Hindi/Tamil), III Language(Tamil/Hindi/Sanskrit), Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geography and History, Eve and General Knowledge. Music, Library, Sports and Arts are also integral to the children’s regular routine.

State of the art laboratories for Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and Math enable students to gain hands-on practical knowledge under the guidance of their teachers.

The reference section covers a wide range of subjects from basic sciences, General Knowledge, Sports, Art, Biographies, History, Geography to Social Sciences like Environment, Psychology, Sociology, Economics, etc.

Magazines with academic content as well as current affairs, sports and science are also available for the use of students. The map repository is of great use to the Social Studies department.

The teaching methodology aims to instill in children a positive attitude to learning and to equip them with the know-how to work independently. The students are often given individual or group projects in the various subjects. This facilitates problem solving as well as group learning.

SUPW classes, along with social work, is mandatory for the children of this age group. These activities help children develop vocational skills and also connect with the community they live in.

Subjects offered for Class IX and X

  •  English I&II
  •  II language (Hindi/ Tamil/ French)
  •  History & Civics
  •  Geography
  •  Mathematics
  •  Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

The optional subjects offered (Student pursues any one):

  •  Computer Applications
  •  Economic Applications
  •  Physical Education
  •  Art

Streams offered for Class XI and XII

Subject List for XI 2020-21

CompulsoryEnglish I&II
CompulsoryEnglish I&II
CompulsoryEnglish I&II

Optional Subjects:

  •  Computer Science
  •  Art
  •  P.Ed
  •  Economics (only for Science Students)
  •  Math (only for Commerce and Humanities Students)
  •  Biology (only for Science and Humanities Students)

SUPW classes , along with social work, are mandatory for these classes. The students also participate in various inter house competitions.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, there are after-school activities for standard 9.

‘Creations’ – the new thematic art studio

Sishya OMR recently inaugurated the new “Creations” art studio which provides its students with up close experience of nature. Its ambience motivates the students in the pursuit of creative excellence in art.